News: 15.11.2020

Due to a new php version our pages do not work

Please contact us directly

Phone: 0049-8143-997370
fax: 0049-8143-997371

News: 24.02.2020

New security data sheet 2020 for HIT-FLON

News: 25.05.2018

Our data protection declaration (DSGVO) in German language

News: 12.05.2017

Our company has now also a site at facebook. We are looking forward for every visit and "like"...

News: 23.03.2017

We are celebrating our 30 company jubilee today and give a dicsount of 5 % on all our products

News: 23.02.2017

We have a product data sheet to download for our PTFE- seal tape. pdf

News: 26.01.2017

We have uploaded some data sheets for our stuffing box packings: ->

News: 27.06.2016

Our GDT (General Delivery Terms) you´ll find at this link gdt.pdf and here the Incoterms

News: 28.11.2016

You can find a product sheet for our Chemline coating here: Chemline 784.pdf

News: 29.06.2016

Some knowledge about PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluor Ethylene) you will find at the Wikipedia following this link: PTFE

News: 05.08.2015

We have uploaded three product sheets:

- Product sheet: Shaft Seal Rings - "HUTH-Ringe".pdf

- Product sheet: Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant – HIT-FLON® Foam.pdf

- Product sheet: PTFE-Spray - HIT-FLON 2000.pdf

News: 23.03.2012

News: 26.04.2010

We have made a  product list. for you :

Product list.pdf

News 21.07.2008

The website setting Version 2.0 into the Internet (with English version)

News 01.01.2008

The website setting Version 1.0 the Internet.
The website has been designed so that they can be expanded even more in the future.

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